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Different Parts of Lathe Machine and Their Functions

today we are going to tell you about different parts of lathe machine and their function. which is a very useful and productive machine in the mechanical field. lathe machines are more flexible than any remaining machines.

The machine is applied to the instrument and pivoted to perform different activities. It very well may be utilized for turning, tapping, framing turning, twisting cutting, getting done, passivation, exhausting, turning, crushing, cleaning, and so on.

It is principally utilized for machining round surfaces, for example, tube-shaped or tapered yet it can likewise be utilized for making level surfaces, boring openings, machining spaces, and numerous different kinds of work.

parts of lathe machine - 

headstock - 

The headstock is generally situated on the left half of the machine and is furnished with gears, axles, tosses, gear speed control switches, and feed regulators.

tail stock - 

Generally situated on the right half of the machine, the workpiece is upheld toward the end.

Bed - 

The fundamental pieces of the machine, all parts are dashed to the bed. It incorporates the headstock, tailstock, carriage rails, and different parts.

Carriage - 

The carriage is situated between the headstock and the tailstock and contains a cover, saddle, compound rest, cross slide, and device post.

Lead Screw - 

The lead screw is utilized to move the carriage consequently during stringing.

Feed Rod  - 

It is utilized to move the carriage from left to right as well as the other way around.

Chip Pan - 

It is available at the lower part of the machine. Chip skillet is utilized to gather the chips that are delivered during the machine activity.

HAND Wheel - 

It is the wheel that is worked by hand to move the cross slide, carriage, tailstock, and different parts which has hand wheel.

Apron - 

A cover is arranged on the carriage.

It comprises all controlling and moving instruments of carriage.

The cover is attached to the seat with feed systems that give programmed feed to the carriage.


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